In 2018 Structure Roof and Wall Solutions received a call from the Stafford Municipal School District in Stafford, Texas regarding a building with multiple leaks. Another contractor had applied a Hydrastop reinforced roofing system 5 years previous. There were ponding areas near most of the roof drains that were causing the original coating system to blister and peel. According to the school district the original contractor attempted repairs one time. When the problem persisted, the contractor said that the “ponding areas” were not part of the “warranty” and they stopped responding to calls. Structure Roof and Wall Solutions was assigned the job of solving the leaks and peeling coating.


SRWS cleaned the areas to be repaired and remediated the roof, so that it was not saturated with water, by cutting back significant amounts of the old coating and removing damaged insulation board. They then applied a coat of Davlin 900 with polyester fabric embedded, two coats of Davlin 510 basecoat and then a heavy coat of Davlin Silicone Topcoat with roofing granules blown into it.


The three major areas of leaking were repaired by Structure Roof and Wall Solutions and have stopped all of the leaks that Stafford MSD was experiencing.